annasta Woocommerce Product Filters


annasta Woocommerce Product Filters is the new advanced Woocommerce filters solution that provides fast and flexible search through the products of your shop. Our free plugin offers numerous premium features, with built-in product Categories and Tags, as well as custom product taxonomy (Countries, Brands) filters support, product attributes filters (Colors, Sizes), custom filter icons, color filters, step-by-step product finders, SEO options, built-it Ajax pagination and infinite scroll support, fast caching-enhanced performance, with possibility of setting up filters for archive pages and Woocommerce [products] shortcodes.

Visit the annasta Filters Demo Site to see the plugin in action!

On the backend you will find everything needed for a fast Woocommerce products filter setup, manageable through a clear, easy-to-use interface, with extensive documentation to help you in the initial setup, and with further adjustments.


  • Taxonomy filters: create any Woocommerce product taxonomy filter, including any built-in (product categories, tags), or custom (brands, countries of origin etc) product taxonomies
  • Product attributes filters: size, colour, brand, gender — any attribute of your choice can become a filter
  • Products price range Woocommerce filter, with javascript range slider control and radio button ranges list support
  • Products search box adds support to built-in Woocommerce products search engine, with autocomplete options available. Warning: the Woocommerce search engine performs well in shops with up to 30000 products running on reasonably fast servers.
  • Stock availability filter includes available products filter, out of stock products filter, and backordered products filter (to filter awaited products)
  • Products rating range filter will add filtering by rating ranges, e.g. 0 – 1, …, 2 – 3, 4 – 5
  • Featured products filter will limit results to products that are marked as featured
  • On sale filter will limit filtered results to products that have sale price specified
  • Product meta data filters: create filters out of Woocommerce product meta, such as length, width, date, or any custom meta fields
  • Products per page control will let your customers select how many products per page they wish to see at a time
  • Products sort by control will allow you to add the products sorting (order by) options to your annasta Filters presets, providing full support of either url, or AJAX product sorting for your Woocommerce shop

Filters customization

  • Multiple / single item selection
  • Range selection for the prices, rating and meta data filters (range support for taxonomy filters is available in the premium version)
  • Exclude the unneeded filter items (for example, the “Uncategorized” product category)
  • Range slider control for product prices
  • Dynamic product counts display is supported in all taxonomy-based filters
  • Active filters badges (collectors), clear all filters button
  • Filter collapse option will add a toggle button allowing to open / close filter terms box
  • Flexible display of hierarchical levels
  • Hierarchical filters toggle: collapse child levels of a Woocommerce filter created out of hierarchical taxonomy
  • Customizable modern-looking checkbox icons (or any Font Awesome Free icon of your choice!) setup directly in filter options
  • Color boxes support for the color attributes
  • Datepicker control for date and time products meta data filters, with single date and dates range selection support
  • Modify filters appearance, such as fonts, colors, borders and margins in the annasta Filters section of WordPress Customizer (Appearance > Customize > annasta Filters)

Plugin Features Highlights

  • Filters can be placed into a sidebar, header, or anywhere else in the pages of your site by means of a shortcode, or widget
  • annasta Filters work on shop pages, products taxonomy archive pages (product categories / tags / brands pages), as well as pages with the Woocommerce “products” shortcode. On any other page of your site annasta Filters will act as links to the corresponding filtered results of the shop page
  • Choose the pages on which to display your filters, display different filters for different categories / brands / tags
  • Presets-based filters structure also allows to use multiple syncronized presets (multiple presets are available in the premium version)
  • Woocommerce products shortcode filters support: filters can be setup to work on pages with Woocommerce [products] shortcode
  • Woocommerce Ajax filter support (refreshes only the products list part of the page when applying a filter)
  • Url filters: whenever needed (for SEO or other reasons), setup your filters as HTML hyperlinks
  • Simple form filters (HTML form element with submit button)
  • Step-by-step filters style with rich options allow for the creation of product finder pages, with or without redirects
  • Url updates and browser Back and Forward navigation support for Woocommerce AJAX product filters
  • SEO options include dynamic page and shop titles generation, as well as support for meta description tags containing the combinations of all the currently active filters
  • Variable products support
  • Woocommerce Sort by control support
  • Suggestions autocomplete support for the products keywords search boxes
  • Built-in Ajax pagination options for your Woocommerce shop include Infinite scroll, AJAX-driven page numbers, and Load More button – powered next page loads
  • Responsive display options provide filters display depending on device screen width (see the Visibility preset setting)
  • Preset visibility modes controlled by “Filters” toggle button will allow opening your filters in a popup sidebar or above the Woocommerce products list container
  • WPML support

Under the hood

  • To maximize the speed and increase compatibility with the rest of your Woocommerce shop architecture, this plugin has been carefully designed to make the most of the native WordPress and Woocommerce APIs.
  • Caching is used to increase the speed of page loads
  • Our plugin is translations-ready. Please, let us know if you wish to share a translation to your language with the community!

This plugin has been tested up to the PHP version 7.4.7

We are committed to further improving users’ experience with our filters for Woocommerce shop, so any feedback, or bugs / problems reports are very much welcome and will receive our careful consideration!




  • annasta Woocommerce Product Filters on a shop page
  • annasta Filters on a shop page
  • annasta Woocommerce Filters in a popup sidebar controlled by "Filters" button
  • annasta Filters Preset admin page
  • Product Categories filter settings
  • Color boxes setup in a Color product attribute filter
  • Product Prices filter settings with range slider style
  • annasta Filters widget


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/annasta-woocommerce-product-filters directory, or install it through the WordPress plugins screen directly.
  2. Activate annasta Woocommerce Product Filters through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress
  3. Navigate to the “annasta Filters” tab of the Woocommerce > Settings menu page
  4. Click on the cog (Edit preset) button of the Default preset.
  5. By default filters are set to display on all pages, but you can change this by limiting the display pages (to just the shop page, or some particular category page) in the “Display on” section of preset settings.
  6. Add as many filters as you like by selecting them in the “Preset Filters” dropdown and pushing the “+” (Add filter) button.
  7. Set filter options and save the preset.
  8. Add the preset to the pages of your site either by placing the annasta Filters widget into the desired sections of your site, or with the help of [annasta_filters preset_id=1] shortcode.
  9. Please refer to the plugin Getting Started Tutorial for more detailed instructions.


Theme compatibility

This plugin has been designed to work with themes that adhere to the WordPress and Woocommerce coding guidelines and maintain the standard Woocommerce shop page architecture. The majority of Woocommerce themes are compliant with these requirements, so most likely annasta Filters will work on your site with no need for additional adjustments.
You are welcome to contact us if you feel that you need an advice or help with the plugin integration with your theme, but please keep in mind that in some cases only the theme author can fix an incompatibility originating from non-compliance with the above-mentioned requirements.


If you are facing a problem with the functioning of the annasta Filters, please take a minute to look through our Troubleshoot Guide to see if the solution to your issue has already been described there.

Before contacting us for the resolution of your issue, we ask you to kindly follow these steps:
1. If there is a newer version of plugin available, perform an update to see if the issue has already been addressed.
2. Turn on the default Woocommerce theme (Storefront) and see if the problem disappears. If it does, it should mean that the problem lies in the plugin interaction with your theme. You can still contact us to see if we can come up with a fix, just let us know that the problem that you are facing is related to the plugin incompatibility with your theme.
3. Try to disable other active plugins (except for the Woocommerce), one by one, to see if the problem is caused by a conflict with another plugin.
4. Contact us to describe the issue.

Feature requests

We do maintain the program of the new features introduction for the future plugin releases, so there is a chance that the functionality that you are seeking is already on that list. You can contact us to find out if the feature that you are interested in is scheduled to appear in the next releases. If it turns out that it’s not on our To Do list, but your inquiry concerns an existing feature improvement, or coincides with our features development plan, we will consider your request in the future releases.


8 de mayo, 2022
Tried many fixes and many plugins but this one worked great. Finally fixed filtering on my clothing shop. Problem was filtering variation products, even if it's out of stock it was shown in results. This plugin has built-in function for this and it worked! Thank you!
14 de abril, 2022
I've tested over 10 Woocommerce filters that would do ACF and be compatible with Dokan multivendor and only managed with Annasta product filter. Also, their support is far much better and faster than any other product filter support. Highly recommemded!!
10 de marzo, 2022
I have now tested most filtering plugins and I can say that this is absolutely the best and easiest of them all. Have always ridden with WooBeWoo before but now it will be Annasta for all the money! Thanks for a great plugin! 😎👌
27 de febrero, 2022
There is no better filter plugin than this one. It has so many options right out of the box, and it's responsive. It looks professional on your site, and filters like it has to. It has color boxes, and none of the free plugins has all of this for free. So try it, you won't regret it.
17 de febrero, 2022
Everything about this plugin is top-notch, working cool with my page.
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Contributors & Developers

“annasta Woocommerce Product Filters” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Enhancement: variable products’ stock status support code revision based on new Woocommerce lookup tables
  • Enhancement: added support for non-Latin attributes/ categories / tags slugs
  • Fix for Polylang “language” variable
  • Minor fixes and code clean up and optimization
  • Upped Woocommerce version compliance to 6.4


  • Added option to enable 3d party compatibility support
  • Added compatibility adjustments code for YITH WooCommerce Compare plugin
  • CSS adjustments
  • Security fix: Freemius update to version 2.4.3
  • Upped Woocommerce version compliance to 6.2


  • Added an option to block filter deactivation (reset)
  • Added AND operator support in (hierarchical) taxonomy queries
  • Added AND operator support for taxonomy queries in product counts
  • Added product categories support in annasta Filters > Plugin settings > Advanced settings > Query operators
  • Added “category” and “on_sale” [products] shortcode attributes support
  • Added fixed position and z-index options to toggle “Filters” button section of annasta Customizer
  • Added awf_dynamic_price_range_args filter to control the dynamic price range query args
  • Added an option to control 3d party URL parameters addition to filters’ URLs (annasta Filters > Plugin settings > 3d party parameters support)
  • Added a Polylang adjustment
  • Added Default WooCommerce pagination option in annasta Filters > Product lists > Add to product list template, to use with themes that overwrite the native WooCommerce pagination
  • Added support for Rife Free theme (pagination fix)
  • Fixed the paged and hierarchical breadcrumbs’ adjustments
  • Minor PHP, JS, CSS optimizations, adjustments and fixes
  • Upped WordPress & WooCommerce versions compliance to 5.9 and 6.1 respectively


  • Added Active filters mode to Filter items control
  • Added active filters’ immediate children un-collapse on first page load
  • Added pointer-events blocking during AJAX calls to avoid multiple filters submissions
  • Added WPML support for colour boxes and custom term icons and labels
  • Added WPML support for excluded and included terms
  • Added WPML support for custom Woocommerce taxonomies’ base slugs
  • Added an option to control breadcrumbs support (see the annasta Filters > Product lists admin page)
  • Fixed the breadcrumbs adjustment routines. Breadcrumbs’ adjustment now works on taxonomy archive pages only.
  • Font Awesome support improvement: added an option to select between limiting plugin’s Font Awesome stylesheets scope to filters only (to avoid conflicts with other plugins that also add Font Awesome 5 Free), extending the plugin’s Font Awesome 5 Free stylesheets for the whole site, or completely disabling plugins’ Font Awesome stylesheets.
  • Added awf_display_filter_html filter to provide a way of customizing filter output and / or editing filter instance before filter html output gets created.
  • Fix for the null url_query error thrown on some configurations
  • Fixed WC main loop orderby=date (asc) transforming to date-desc orderby in AJAX calls
  • Added try/catch routine for errors thrown when AJAX responses fail
  • Fixed collapsible filters’ child levels
  • Fix in the date filters’ parameter label formation
  • Changed dates format labeling: replaced YY with YYYY for clarity, since only the 4-digit year is supported by the current date formats.
  • Fix: pretty scrollbars updates in togglable presets
  • Minor PHP, JS, CSS optimizations and adjustments, code clean up
  • Upped WooCommerce version compliance to 5.9


  • Added manual selection option for filter items of taxonomy-based, product availability, meta data filters and sort by control
  • Added basic WPML compatibility, including support for “Use translation if available or fallback to default language” of product type set in WPML > Settings > Post Types Translations.
  • Added Product counts cache lifespan option in annasta Filters > Plugin settings. Disable all the transients-based cache generated by the plugin by setting Product counts cache lifespan to 0.
  • Added native WooCommerce decimal and thousand separators support to range sliders (see WooCommerce > General > Currency options > Thousand separator / Decimal separator).
  • Added widget preview for new Appearance > Widgets layout.
  • Optimisation of product counts transients deletion procedure.
  • Optimization: increased digits limit for the prices filter to accommodate numbers till 12 digits (including decimals).
  • Fixed internally generated shortcode attributes for cache and pagination.
  • Fixed error produced by presets with ‘Controlled by “Filters” button’ Visibility in cases when such presets were inserted into the page more than once.
  • Fix: for cases with frontpage shop excluded static home posts page (Settings > Reading > Static home pages) from filters’ WP_Query adjustments.
  • Admin code clean up
  • Minor PHP, JS, CSS optimizations and adjustments
  • Upgraded noUiSlider library to version 15.4.0
  • Upgraded perfect-scrollbar library to version 1.5.2
  • Upped WordPress & WooCommerce versions compliance to 5.8 and 5.6 respectively


  • Added an option for dynamic price sliders (annasta Filters > Dynamic price sliders)
  • Added new options in the Customizer: new collapse filter icons, custom icon color / size
  • Added option to customize filter terms search box placeholder
  • Added support for non-trailing slash permalinks on archive pages
  • Added a limit of 200 products to products per page control to avoid server overloads
  • Added CSS transitions for some elements (reset buttons, labels, badges)
  • Optimisation: added zero default opacity for presets toggled by “Filter” button
  • Optimisation: added default hidden state to filters’ reset buttons
  • Optimised collapsible children JS
  • Optimised cross-browser compatibility for browser back button page reloads
  • Optimised admin area JS
  • Optimisation: added second AJAX-driven dropdown for the taxonomy-related options in the Display on section of preset admin
  • Added a check for non-public taxonomies in the preset Display on section
  • Added basic admin checks and warnings for non-latin slugs
  • Fixed non-numeric values in products meta data filters
  • Fixed single-select float badges creation for meta data filters
  • Fixed the Customizer alpha color picker conflict with themes that are using the same alpha color picker as annasta Filters
  • Fixed the variable products stock support routine (combination with other post__in filters)
  • Minor PHP, JS, CSS optimizations and adjustments
  • Upped the WC version compliance to 5.3


  • Fixed session expiration admin warnings
  • Fixed the parent / child level selection in the same-taxonomy multi-select hierarchical filters of archive pages
  • Fixed wNumb error thrown on decimal separator being equal to thousands separator
  • Fixed ajax pagination in case of button-submitted ajax filters
  • Added option: “Filters” toggle button label customization (annasta Filters > Plugin settings > Filters toggle button label)
  • Added option: preserve hierarchical archive permalinks in single-select filters (annasta Filters > Plugin settings > Hierarchical archive links)
  • Added option: hierarchical levels customization for filters based on hierarchical taxonomies
  • Added option: enable or disable children display for hierarchical taxonomies
  • Enforced the CSS-controlled indentation for hierarchical taxonomies’ sub-levels
  • Optimised URL filters archive links creation routine
  • Performed basic compatibility adjustments for PHP 8
  • Fixed PHP 8 errors in Spanish translations
  • Updated the built-in Font Awesome support to version 5.15.3
  • Minor admin design changes
  • Upped the WC version compliance to 5.2


  • Widened the variable products stock support (available as beta option in annasta Filters > Plugin Settings > Stock filter variations support)
  • Upped WP & WC versions compliance to 5.7 and 5.1 respectively


  • Added support for the same-taxonomy filters on archive pages, including multiple terms handling
  • Improved the AJAX calls handling routine, allowing to load product lists without headers and footers. The previously default option of loading the full product list in AJAX mode can now be toggled in annasta Filters > Product lists > Force wrapper reload
  • Added products list template options, including filters insertion into product lists headers / footers (in conjunction with disabled annasta Filters > Product lists > Force wrapper reload)
  • Added beta option for stock filter support for product variations
  • Added support for additional variables in AJAX calls
  • Added numeric sort option for taxonomy filters’ terms
  • SEO improvement: introduced alphabetical sort for the URL filter parameters in AJAX
  • Improved admin AJAX error response handling
  • Fixed products per page control AJAX reload after item removal in admin
  • Fixed admin AJAX error on Products Search control addition
  • Fix: added trailingslashit to the current url of page number link creation routine for permalinks
  • Fixed the inaccurate browser width calculation for “Filters” button-controlled presets state change
  • Added string search autocomplete support for OceanWP theme
  • Minor CSS, JS & PHP improvements
  • Upgraded noUiSlider library to version 14.6.3
  • Upgraded Freemius library to version 2.4.2
  • Upped WooCommerce version compliance to 5.0.0


  • Fixed search string escaped quotes for SEO – generated titles
  • Added option for parent presets display on a taxonomy child term page
  • Fixed the Show title bar checkbox dependency on collapsible filters state change in admin
  • Added checks and warnings for removed taxonomies in filters admin
  • Replaced some deprecated jQuery functions in preparation for jQuery 3.5.1 update
  • Upped WP & WC versions compliance to 5.6 and 4.8 respectively


  • Fixed the reset filters bottom-located button not being displayed
  • Fixed products list title not displaying in zero results ajax calls
  • Fixed products list badges not displaying in zero results ajax calls
  • Fixed escaped quotes in string search box
  • Fixed annasta WP admin menu items selection
  • Optimized dynamic product counts query by addressing the recalculation of meta_query and post__in arguments
  • Added awf_product_counts_query filter to product counts query
  • Removed “Leave site…” warning in admin form autosubmits for browsers that support window.onbeforeunload
  • Upgraded Freemius library to version 2.4.1
  • Upgraded noUiSlider library to version 14.6.2
  • Upped WooCommerce version compliance to 4.7.0


  • Added WordPress Customizer support to provide filters’ appearance customization
  • Deprecated the previous default style (still available as “Deprecated since version 1.3.0” for backwards compatibility), and added a new default stylesheet that supports WordPress Customizer
  • Added an option for the default filters preset font enqueue from Google Fonts
  • Added Font Awesome stylesheet enqueue option allowing to disable the Font Awesome enqueue if the font is fully supported by the theme
  • Added the Product Lists section to plugin settings offering options for better control of the filtered Woocommerce products list appearance
  • Moved the pre-existing options relevant to product lists appearance to the newly created Product Lists section of plugin settings
  • Added Display shop title option to control the display of Woocommerce product list title
  • Changed active badge click area to the whole badge (instead of just the x button)
  • Untied active badge label creation from title attribute
  • Untied Reset all filters button display from active badges display
  • Improved active filters badges display for dropdowns
  • Added check for a null query object in awf Javascript data variable
  • Added check for the awf action existence on frontend ajax requests
  • Fixed the widget / shortcode return values causing conflicts with some builder plugins
  • Raised PHP version requirement to 5.5
  • Upped WC & WP versions compliance
  • Added alpha-color-picker.js library to provide rgba support for the Customizer color picker
  • Added the file
  • Upgraded Freemius library to version 2.4.0
  • Upgraded noUiSlider library to version 14.6.1
  • Upgraded moment.js library to version 2.27.0
  • Upgraded daterangepicker library to version 3.1


  • Fixed togglable preset Filter button not reappearing on empty result
  • Fixed togglable preset under Filter button events
  • Fixed multiple datepickers reset error
  • Fixed products search box double submission on enter key
  • Partially optimised js events attachment for the universal events
  • Infinite scroll fixes and optimisation
  • Added custom class to the autocomplete product list container
  • Added the products wrappers filter for non-autocomplete products containers
  • Minor daterangepicker css adjustments
  • Cleanup of the old third-party script versions


  • Fixed the preset displays on non-shop WordPress pages.
  • Fixed an infinite scroll bug.
  • Fixed the perfect-scrollbar eternal scroll bug.
  • Moved the “Product columns” to basic plugin options.
  • Moved the “Products per page” to basic plugin options.
  • Introduced separate style options for color box and image filter styles.
  • Added “Plain Image” image filter style.
  • Added the “Collapsible” filter option allowing users to toggle the opened and closed state of the filter options to basic filter options.
  • Added Dates selection filtering with Datepicker style to product meta data filters.
  • Added meta filters naming checks to exclude duplicate meta data filters in the same preset.
  • Translations optimization.
  • Added Spanish translation.
  • Introduced better error handling for AJAX requests in admin.
  • Minor css and js changes.
  • Upped the WC version compliance.


  • Added the “Layout” preset setting allowing to choose between 1-column and 4-column layouts. Note to users: if you previously used the automatic 4-column filters layout for the presets placed in the header area, go to the preset settings to set the Preset layout property of the needed preset to “4 columns”.
  • Added the “Visibility” preset setting offering the responsive display choices, and introducing options for the “Filters” button controlled presets.
  • Added the “”Filters” button mode” preset setting allowing to set the “Filters” button-controlled preset style to the popup sidebar or preset filters toggle underneath the “Filters” button.
  • Added the “Responsive width” preset setting supporting the responsive behaviour of the corresponding “Visibility” settings.
  • Added the taxonomy archive pages by term selection to the “Display on” options.
  • Changed the “Scroll to ajax results” option default to disabled.
  • Changed the default products shortcode sorting from “Popularity” to “Default”.
  • Added the “Default” sorting option to the annasta Sort by control.
  • Fixed the “products” shortcode & ajax pagination for WC versions below 3.3.3
  • Removed the check for an existing price_filter in the WC meta query.
  • Upped the WP and WC versions compliance.


  • Added the beta version of ajax pagination options, including the ajax-supported page numbers, infinite scroll, and “Load more products” button-driven next page load
  • Fixed the extra ajax products list container issue for better themes compatibility
  • Code preparation for the themes compatibility checks phase
  • Added compatibility support for Astra, Oceanwp and Neve themes
  • In AJAX calls replaced the custom no products message with the corresponding native Woocomerce function
  • Set the “description” meta for empty filters to the shop title
  • Fixed the float format regional compatibility for the custom range values
  • Fixed the products shortcode attributes integration with ajax shortcodes
  • Optimized the shortcode query: removed filters’ terms addition to the products shortcode category attribute so that such shortcodes would get filtered only within the categories set by the shortcode attribute (when present)
  • Added products counts cache adaptation to WPML language variable
  • Introduced the ‘awf_js_data’, ‘awf_set_shop_columns’ and ‘awf_set_ppp_default’ filters, and ‘awf_ajax_filter_before_wc_products_shortcode’ and ‘awf_add_ajax_products_header_title’ action hooks
  • Updated Perfect-scrollbar library to version 1.5.0
  • Updated noUiSlider library to version 14.1.1
  • Updated Freemius library to version 2.3.2
  • Upped the WC version compliance


  • Added the products meta data filters module
  • Query vars array optimization
  • Added product counts support for the Hide out of stock items from the catalog Woocommerce option
  • Fix: removed url parameters decode in javascript
  • Fix: excluded backordered products from the in stock status of the Availability filter
  • Fixed the undecoded html entities in the custom css
  • Added custom js code option
  • Optimized the work of the “Display on” select box of the preset admin
  • (Premium) Added numeric taxonomy ranges


  • Upped the WP and WC versions compliance
  • Fixed back and forward browser navigation and redirects not working properly in some preset types
  • Fixed the active badges exceptions setting preventing the creation of private filter badges
  • Fixed show all (-1) products per page not working in ajax filters
  • Updated wNumb library to version 1.2.0
  • Minor improvements and code optimisations


  • Added filters support for the product taxonomies archive pages. To make the filters display and work on a products Categories, Tags, Brands etc archive pages with the links of type, add the needed “… taxonomy archive pages” type in the annasta Filters preset Display on section. This is now the default filters behaviour for the taxonomy archives. To enable the automatic redirects from the taxonomy archives to the filtered shop pages use the Redirect archives to shop option (see below).
  • Added an option for the archive pages redirects to the corresponding filtered shop page. It now supports all the products-associated built-in and custom taxonomies. Go to annasta Filters Settings > Plugin Settings > Redirect archives to shop to enable such redirects.
  • Introduced the Filtering style option which has united the old Filtering style and enable Ajax options into one
  • Added the Step by Step (Products Finder) Filtering style with options
  • Added products search autocomplete
  • Added placeholder text option to the products search box
  • Added Preset description option and custom labels options for the “Filter” and “Reset” buttons
  • Fixed the SEO titles’ default maximum price (for the cases when the max price isn’t defined by filters) to the rounded highest existing product price (re-save the SEO settings to apply the fix)
  • Fixed the ajax filters not redirecting to shop from the single-product pages
  • Fixed the ajax button-submitted filters’ search box instant submission (forced the wait for the button push)
  • Fixed the ranges submission and Clear All Filters buttons for the form version
  • Unlinked the products keywords search from the WP / WC ‘s’ variable
  • Removed enable Ajax option (this functionality has been replaced by the new Filtering style option)
  • Added timestamp to custom css file name to bypass caching
  • Widget UI optimization
  • Updated Freemius library to version 2.3.1 and noUiSlider library to version 14.0.3
  • PHP & CSS optimisations


  • Fixed pagination for the frontpage shops with existing order by or products search filters
  • Changed the default pagination settings for ajax requests from the WordPress posts per page to the Woocommerce algorithm


  • Added SEO options offering dynamic custom page (document) title and shop title generation, as well as meta description creation, using the auto-generated lists of active filters
  • Added an order by (sort by) control that can be added to annasta filters presets. This control also adds ajax support for the Woocommerce products sorting functionality
  • Added an option to remove the built-in Woocommerce Sort by
  • Added value formatting support for the range sliders’ active badges
  • Fix: removed the unneeded badge label option from the products per page control
  • WC 3.7 support tested
  • Updated noUiSlider library to version 14.0.2
  • Enforced the category views functioning only with permalinks enabled
  • Removed the update mechanism dependency on the PHP version requirements
  • Added awf_after_ajax_products_update and awf_after_setup javascript events
  • Added an annasta widget title silent update
  • Other minor optimizations and adjustments
  • Readme update


  • Fix: ajax default orderby not picking up the woocommerce default orderby setting
  • Fix: disabled links getting a check on click in system checkbox style
  • Security enhancement: database-retrieved values html escaping revision
  • Added filter prefix option for active filter badges and filter titles
  • Removed the badge label prefix option for range sliders (this functionality has been replaced by the new filter prefix option)
  • Added taxonomy class to active badge to provide css access
  • Added tooltips formatting options to range slider filters
  • Added display tooltips option to range slider filter controls
  • Added range slider style options
  • Added minimalistic style option to range slider control
  • Added custom css option to plugin style options
  • Added ajax filter scroll to results option
  • Added ajax filters scroll adjustment option
  • Updated noUiSlider library to version 14.0.1
  • Updated Freemius library to version 2.3.0
  • Added wNumb number formatting library for range sliders’ labels formatting
  • CSS changes: responsive widths for the mobile header filters, whole tag area clickable, sortables placeholders etc
  • Readme update


  • Fix to the range filters update adding irrelevant options
  • Fix for the touchevent error in the perfect scrollbar
  • Added icons to the custom term style
  • Admin css responsiveness changes
  • Readme update


  • Added filter terms sorting and hierarchical taxonomies collapse options
  • Added products per page control with customizable labels
  • Integrated Freemius SDK to provide support for easy premium version upgrades
  • Transferred the style options css file to the uploads directory
  • Added the style options generation to the plugin addition / update routine
  • Added style options css regeneration after the javascript scrollbar option update
  • Set the default option for including the products belonging to the hierarchical taxonomies subterms to yes
  • Added dynamic product counts display to color boxes and images without labels
  • Introduced a slide up to the top of the product list effect after ajax updates
  • Hid the Reset Filters button when no active filters exist
  • Optimized the automatic range creation algorithm
  • Optimized active badges creation for ranges
  • Introduced better css support for the Fontawesome solid styles
  • Patched Woocommerce version 3.6.0 – 3.6.2 bug with multiselect control display
  • Other minor changes
  • Readme update


  • Force products display on shop pages option added
  • Product tags and categories variables optimization and archives redirects
  • Deactivation replacement with notices, updates code preparation
  • Fix the products per page to the Woocommerce default in the free version of the ajax product filter
  • Nonces optimization
  • Other minor changes
  • Readme update


  • Initial release