Block Editor Search & Replace


Quickly search and replace any text inside the Block Editor content area; Classic Editor support included.

Block Editor Search & Replace will help you find any text inside the Block Editor content area and replace it with another one.

Classic Editor support included.


Once you install and activate the plugin, you can go to any page or post and see a new meta box called Search & Replace.

By adding your search phrase your matched keywords will be automatically highlighted. Next, you can add a replace with word and click the Replace button and apply the switch.

You can turn on/off the highlighther and case-sensitive search and replace at any time.

You can also click on the Reset button to clear all the custom HTML tags used for the highlighter.


This utility plugin will save you time and increase your overall productivity.

  1. Search & Replace – this works like any other search and replace functionality.
  2. Highlighter – will mark and give you a visual representation for all keywords found by your search.
  3. Case-sensitive – you can either do the case-sensitive search or replace it.
  4. Cassic Editor Support – there is classic editor backward compatibility included.
  5. Full-text Search & Replace – TBA

User Settings

The plugin doesn’t have its dedicated settings page, but you can go to Settings > Writing and scroll down the page to see all the available options.

The plugin supports both Block (Gutenberg) and Classic editors that can be manually turned on/off the Settings > Writing page.

In addition to regular Posts and Pages it also supports WooCommerce Products and all registered Custom Post Types.

You can manage each of the above on the Settings > Writing page.

Detailed Documentaion

The step-by-step setup, usage, demos, video, and insights can be found on Block Editor Search & Replace.

Block Editor Search & Replace Pro

As of yet, this plugin doesn’t have a commercial version available.


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The plugin installation process is standard and easy to follow. Please let us know if you have any difficulties with the installation.

Installation from WordPress

  1. Visit Plugins > Add New.
  2. Search for Block Editor Search & Replace.
  3. Install and activate the Block Editor Search & Replace plugin.
  4. You will be either redirected to the main plugin page or need to click on the plugin settings link.

Manual Installation

  1. Upload the entire block-editor-search-replace folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Visit Plugins.
  3. Activate the Block Editor Search & Replace plugin.
  4. You will be either redirected to the main plugin page or need to click on the plugin settings link.

After Activation

  1. Click on the on Settings link, and you will be redirected to the Settings > Writing page, where at the bottom, you will see all the available settings for the plugin.


Use the Support tab on this page to post your requests and questions.

All tickets are usually addressed within several days.

If your request is an add-on feature, we will add it to the plugin wish list and consider implementing it in the next major version.

Does it work with the Classic Editor?

Yes, it has Support and backward compatibility for the Cassic Editor.

Does it with CPT or WooCommerce?

Yes, if you have WooCommerce installed and active, you need to go to the Settings > Writing page and enable the search and replace functionality.

The same is applicable for all existing Custom Post Types.

Does it support multisite?

Yes, the plugin is tested and works on WordPress multisite.

Do you save any revisions?

No, since we don’t want to add junk revision for each search and replace, we have disabled the revision functionality.

However, you can always click on the Update button at the end of your post or page edit, which will save you a default WordPress revision.

Do you offer additional Support if I encounter any issues?

Yes, you can get in touch with us by using the contact form @ Krasen Slavov website.


27 de octubre, 2023
Just what I was looking for. Just a few problems... first, even with the "case sensitive search & replace" checkbox deselected, it is still case sensitive when searching. Second, if I have modified text in the editor and haven't yet saved the changes, and then use the Search and Replace function, it will revert my edits. Also, if I save the page after using the plugin to search, when words are highlighted, it actually saves the highlights to the frontend of the site.
22 de octubre, 2023
It's a simple tool that makes your everyday life easier. Thank you.
24 de febrero, 2023 2 replies
It didn't work with my classic editor on Twenty-sixteen. I switched the post to the block editor to try that and the search/replace option came up as shown, but it didn't work on html, only the content between the tags. As I wanted it to use to change html tags it was of no use. There's also no option to review each change, only do all at once. I noticed that there's an outstanding support request over the classic editor issue, and the plugin hasn't been updated for a year, so maybe if the plugin is updated that will be fixed. It seemed to work OK for a quick change of text in the block editor if that's all you're looking for.
4 de octubre, 2022
Amazing Plugins, just what i needed, thank you so much, ASAP my project is geting money i´ll buy you a big and fancy coffee as a token of gratitute!
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