WooODT Lite – WooCommerce Order Delivery or Pickup with Date Time Location


WooODT Lite is a WooCommerce Delivery & Pickup Date Time extension that gives the facility of selecting delivery/pickup date and time/time slot on checkout page.

WooODT Lite let you customers choose order type as deliverable or self pickup along with their desired date and a preferred time slot, optionally offer to choose pickup location when you have multiple pickup point.

It comes with an widget and short code([ByConsole_WooODT]) as well that you can place on any page/sidebar/template to collect user’s desired date time for delivery/pickup and location of pickup point before going to checkout page.

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Email to support@byconsole.com

Features in this version

  • Make your store as deliverable only or pickup only or keep both the options.
  • On checkout page ask for a delivery date, preferred time slot for delivery orders.
  • Ask to choose a pickup date, pickup time slot & pickup location in case of pickup orders.
  • You can add as many pickup point as you may have.
  • You can disable time slot option keeping only date-picker calendar.
  • You can disable the pickup locations option in case of you have no other pickup point.
  • Ask for a tips to delivery person(optional).
  • Offer delivery/pickup time as fixed time or 30 minutes auto-created slots.
  • Do not ask for date, time & order type when cart contains virtual products only.
  • Add a pre-order days – how much days in advance a delivery/pickup order can be placed
  • Restricts pickup based on week days, i.e: you can disable pickup on each Sunday & Saturday
  • Restricts delivery on chosen week days, i.e: you can disable delivery on each Thursday
  • Customize the labels of the pickup and delivery button shown on checkout page & widget.
  • Different time formats are available
  • Option to mark delivery or pickup time as non required field
  • Set delivery service start and end time
  • Set pickup service start and end time
  • You can change the position of the date and time field on the checkout page
  • You can change the position of the date and time info section on order confirmation email.
  • You can show a different custom message on customer email and order completed page like,
    Pickup message like Please pickup your order on 28 Sep 2019 at 09:45 AM
    Delivery message like Your order will be delivered on 28 Sep 2019 at 09:45 AM

Get pro version here

Get Pro version

Check pro verion demo here

Features in pro version

Lead time / minimum waiting time for same day delivery you can setup minimum waiting time for delivery(ie, minimum delivery time is 30 minutes).
Separately you can setup minimum waiting time as 15 minutes in case of pickup

Minimum pre-order days for delivery/pickup

Order placing cutoff time for next day delivery/pickup

Order placing cutoff time for same day delivery/pickup

Custom slots – create your own delivery slot per week day basis. Also different pickup slots based on different week days.

Custom slot fees – Add extra fees for delivery on special time slot.

Limit each slot with maximum number of deliveries / pickups

Day-wise extra charges
Option to charge extra fees for delivery/pickup on any specific week day.

Create multiple pickup location
Handy when you have multiple pickup points.

Additional email to pickup point manager Each pickup location admin will receive a copy of new order email whenever that location selected as pickup point.

Special dates open with additional charges. Doing delivery/pickup on a specific calendar dates? You can ask for additional fees for delivery/pickup on that specific calendar date.

Provide a fix amount of discount for each pickup location

Different pickup time slots for each pickup location

Each delivery area has its own service days and service time

Setting up date format

Create delivery location list

Set casual holidays on each month’s calendar(Applied to current year only)

Set National/public holiday on calendar(Recurring, applied to upcoming years)

Create your own custom slots

Limit number of deliveries/pickups per location per time slot

Receive new order notification email for each location on additional email address.

Get customized/more extended copy to suit your all needs.

And many more, we are offering maximum number of features.


If you enjoy this plugin please put a review, that will encourage me to bring some more …

Features in WooODT Lite explained

Control how many number of days you allow in advance for delivery of an order

You can set allowable days for pre-order. That is how much days in advance a order can be placed. Customers will be able to pick a date in advance on date picker calendar for maximum that number of days from current date.

Setup your delivery & pickup service time separately

You can set delivery & pickup hours in plugin settings page separately and customers will be allowed to select delivery/pickup time from your respective specified time range only.

Control pickup hours to choose

You can set pickup hours in plugin settings page and customers will be allowed to select pickup time from your specified time range only.

Set minimum time to get order delivered

You can set minimum delivery time in plugin settings page and this info will be visible in widget.

Allow customers to choose order type as delivery or pickup clearly

Customer can select whether they will pickup their orders from you store or they need a delivery for their order.

Add as many pickup point as you may have

You can enable multiple pickup location feature, where customer can select from which pickup point they want to collect their order.

Automated shipping based on order type selection

It have a automated shipping selection, ie; if customer choose pickup instead of delivery then the Store Pickup shipping is automatically applied same as if deliver option is selected from widget then it will show your available shipping methods except the Store Pickup one.

Control what texts to show on order completed/details page with date and time

This plugin show the desired delivery/pickup date and time on order details page on front-end and you can control the texts to be shown there with their chosen date and time.

Choose where and what texts to show for delivery/pickup date time on email

Same info is shown on customers email also, while placing an order and you can control what texts to show with delivery/pickup date and time

Choose where to place delivery/pickup info on order details page

You can control where to show this delivery/pickup date and time on customer order page, two option is available as before item list or after item list.

Get delivery/pickup data on admin order details page

All info is also shown on admin order details page, ie; order type: delivery/pickup, Delivery/pickup date and delivery/pickup time.

Place the short code anywhere

Want to know on which date and time customer need the delivery or pickup before checking out? its easy with this plugin just put this short code where you need to collect those info “[ByConsole_WooODT]”

Place the widget anywhere

Widget produced by this plugin can be placed on any page/post, that will collect delivery date and time in advance. Also can be used to check if a delivery/pickup date time is available for any certain day on any page. specially on home page.

Control all the texts/labels

You can change text/label of each fields/buttons as per your need


  • Delivery option on checkout page

  • Pickup option on checkout page

  • Tips to delivery person.

  • Date selection from allowable dates on checkout page

  • Delivery/pickup info with date time in admin order details page

  • Order details with order type, date and time on front-end customer profile.

  • Customer email copy with delivery type, date and time

  • Widget produced by this plugin.

  • Admin setting page.

  • Time selection from allowable time range on checkout page

  • Tips on order summery box.

  • Store closed notice if delivery/pickup service time is over in case of same day delivery

  • Showing minimum delivery time on widget if delivery is selected by customer

  • Holiday settings.

  • Pickup location settings

  • Date selection on widget

  • Time selection on widget

  • Front-end widget

  • settings page part 1

  • settings page part 2

  • settings page part 3


  1. Upload the plugin files to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory, or install the plugin through the WordPress plugins screen directly by uploading zip through “Upload Plugin” button in “Plugins” -> “Add New” screen of wp-admin area.

  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ screen in WordPress

  3. Use the Wp admin menu -> Order Delivery Time management screen to configure the plugin

  4. Use the Wp admin menu -> Appearance -> Widgets -> Order delivery time widget and place it on your desired sidebar


Search for “Order Delivery or Pickup with Date Time Location” in “Plugins” -> “Add New” screen within your WordPress wp-admin area, select the pluign by author “ByConsole” and click install button


Search for “WooODT Lite” in “Plugins” -> “Add New” screen within your WordPress wp-admin area and select the pluign developed by “ByConsole” then click install button


I Don’t want pickup time / delivery time option

Yes, you can disable pickup/delivery time from plugin settings page.

I got time drop-down as blank

Make sure you have added time in setting page.

I want to only allow order for X days in advance & don’t want buyer to choose a delivery/pickup date of say 2 months away from now

Yes, you can set how many number of days to allow for placing an order in advance. Just put your desired number of days on plugin settings page for the field labeled as “Preorder Days:” in plugin settings page.

Lets say you want to allow up to 25 days for advance booking of an order, so if its 2nd of this current month, then buyers can choose any date till 27th of the current month, but not 28 for today.

Same way if user check back on tomorrow that the 3rd of this month, then the date-picker calendar will allow to select any dates up to 28th of this month.

I want to change the text shown in the Pick and delivery selection button on the checkout page

Yes, you can change them from plugin settings page, just put your own words on settings field labeled as “Pickup label text:” & “Delivery label text:”

I want to change the time format of the Delivery / Pickup time selector

You can do that by choosing an option from the settings field labeled as “Time format:”, there are three options to choose 12 hours,24 hours without AM/PM & 24 hrs with AM/PM format

I want to have the pickup / delivery time option, but don’t want to make it as required field (as some time user may want to leave it empty)

Yes you can do that from this plugin settings page. Just keep it unchecked the option labeled as “Time field is required:” on plugin settings page and save the settings.

I don’t do delivery / pickup on Saturday and Sundays (or weekend)

You can disable the days of the week when you don’t do delivery / pickup, you can have different days disabled for pickup and different days for delivery as well. When a day is disabled buyer wont be able to select that date.

Does it disable date time for virtual products?

Yes, it disable date time selection when you cart contains virtual products only. If there is any physical/simple product then it will ask for date time.

Does it block order for same day delivery when delivery hours for the day is over?

Yes, it stops taking order for same day delivery / pickup when delivery / pickup time is over for the day. Also it notifies buyers with a message like “We are closed for today, please select another date” when today’s date is selected for delivery / pickup.

Showing flat rate/free shipping when pickup is selected

Make sure you have added pickup as shipping method on all shipping zone where you allow pickup. If a shipping zone has both in store pickup & local delivery, this plugin will automatically select delivery when order type is selected as delivery. Same way when a shipping zone has both the method, it will auto select pickup when order type is selected as pickup.

I have added pickup locations but not showing on checkout page/widget

Please make sure you have check the checkbox labeled as “Enable multiple pickup location” on Location Settings page.

I don’t want to offer pickup location selection

Just disable multiple pickup location feature by unchecked “Enable multiple pickup location” on Location Settings page then save the settings.

Can I make delivery & pickup service off on specific dates of current year?

Yes you can do this but limited up to two calendar date in this lite version. Check holiday management menu to set up calendar holidays and weekly holidays as well.

Why time field is not showing up?

Make sure you have checked the checkbox “Ask for time” on very first settings page of the plugin, the 4th option on latest version.

Will this plugin works with WooCommerce version below 2.6

Yes this plugin will work on Woocommerce version 2.2.0 too, its tested already.

Date time and order type not working on checkout page but working on other pages where widget is present

Please make sure you do not have the order delivery time widget placed on checkout page through any sidebar or by calling dynamic widget.

After recent update checkout page shows notice as “Order type is a required field”

Make sure you have updated to version 2.1.2 at-least. Also check what order type is chosen in settings field, you need to choose one order type as Delivery/Pickup/Both.

How to ask for tips on checkout page?

Just checked the checkbox on very first settings page that labeled as “Optionally ask for tips”, and you will see “Tips to delivery person” requested on checkout page as optional.

How not to ask for tips on checkout page?

Just unchecked the checkbox on very first settings page that labeled as “Optionally ask for tips”, and you will see no tips requested on checkout page.

How to customize “No tips” text for tips drop-down?

Find the text box at bottom of very first settings page that is labeled as “No tips text” and type your own words there, and it will be reflected as very first option for “Tips to delivery person” drop-down.


3 de diciembre, 2021
Fully recommended for your woocommerce, easy to use and very adapted to everything we need. But, the best thing is that they provide help, advice and problem solving at the same time, also facilitating remote solution to any problem. From Spain, very grateful to the team that created the plugin.
16 de noviembre, 2021
We install WooODT Lite on a client website but we had some little problems at the beginning. The team ByConsole is very reactive and found solutions in less 24hours. I recommend this plugin, very useful even in the free version. And thanks again to the team for their reactivity and kindness.
11 de noviembre, 2021
Doesn't work with a simple Ajax running (Calendar month and days wouldnt appear), so I had to use the previous version, which means they have a code issue. Then if you have an inclusive tax setup, it adds it on top of the tax instead of including it. They told me to put in a number that isn't even allowed - you have to use whole numbers. So if your delivery fee was $10.50, TOO BAD, you have to put $10 or $11.If they just change this simple field in their form, it would work. It does not completely translate either, so that is a lie/false advertising. I have gone back and forth with the company and they have provided no good solution and just keep telling me that it works on their demo. I dont have time to setup a new woo site to test myself.
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Contributors & Developers

“WooODT Lite – WooCommerce Order Delivery or Pickup with Date Time Location” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




i) Option added not to ask for tips to delivery person.
ii) Option provided to edit “No tips” texts on tips drop-down.


i) Tips to delivery person added(Optional).
ii) Time slot set to default choice if no time option is chosen on settings page.
iii) Time unit added after slot timings, default is hrs(put your own text if your store is on another language rather than English)


Time slot feature added, now you have option to offer service time as 30 minutes slots instead of fixed/dot time. If you choose time slot it will create 30 minutes slot automatically and offer customers to choose one.


i) Option to set no restriction on pre-order days(in previous 2.1.6 version you have to put a pre-order days).

ii) Translation settings added for “Select pickup location” label


Calendar holiday dates are added, now you can add up to two calendar holiday dates. Those dates will not be available for booking a delivery & pickup.


Weekly off days glitch fixed, previously it was problematic when only one day is marked as weekly off day.


Warning(“Invalid argument supplied”) fixed.


Added default configuration upon activation of the plugin.


1) Default fall back functionality added for older version those who update the plugin but don’t configure new settings fields added in updated version.


1) Bug fix for v2.1.0, where order type button on checkout page always get to set as delivery. Fixed in this v2.1.1


1) Pickup location added
2) Minor bug fix from v2.0.7, where date saved on other pages by widget/short code was not reflecting on checkout page automatically.


Minor bug fix, when available order type is changed in settings panel, it does not update holidays instantly according to available order type on front-end. Fixed in this v2.0.7


Bug fix for v2.0.5. weekly off days for pickup/delivery was swapped with weekly service on days, fixed int his version.


1) Weekly delivery off day(s) functionality added
1) Weekly pickup off day(s) functionality added


1) Order type can be delivery only or pickup only or both, options provided in plugin settings page
2) Time format added for 24 hrs with AM/PM


1) Functionality added to accept order without asking for delivery/pickup time.
2) Short code added for collecting required date time before going to checkout page. Place the short code on any page/template, Short code is as “[ByConsole_WooODT]”


i) After updates of 1.1.7 when time is set as optional, if a order has no time selected, then it does not show ODT data at all, like order type, delivery/pickup date and time on order complete page, order details page at admin side and even in email for customer and admin. – It has been fixed now in version 1.1.8

ii) If time is set as optional in settings page, yet it was showing as required field on version 1.1.7, its fixed in version 1.1.8

iii) Regardless of selected order type(delivery/pickup) on order confirmation/completed page on front end, order edit page in admin and on emails it show as delivery date, delivery time as label for date and time, its fixed in this version 1.1.8, where it show date label as “Delivery date: when order type is delivery and show date label as “Pickup date” when order type is as pickup, same is fixed for pickup type order as well.


i) Warning fixed on support request form.

ii) Delivery/pickup time can be optional.

iii) Time selection on checkout page is optional now.


i) Security increased.


i) Security increased

ii) Now you can request support directly from your dashboard.


i) Order type label and input selection style updated. Previously styled label and radio input got similar style after WC updated to 3.6.2, so it looked like order type label is also an input choice! This version has updated structure to separate order type label from order type inputs for newer version of WC.

i) Past time blocking when pre-order days is set in settings page(previously there was a glitch).

i) Same day delivery and pickup issue fixed for IE (Previously showing past times for the same day date in IE )

i) Date and time option is removed when all products in cart are as virtual product.

i) Label text “(optional)” removed and marked as required for order type, delivery/pickup date and delivery/pickup time input fields on checkout page. This label texts were added for latest version of WooCommerce as 3.4.x and WP 4.9.x.

ii) [deliver_date] and [deliver_time] short code like phrase has been changed to [byc_delivery_date] and [byc_delivery_time] respectively as well as [pickup_date] and [pickup_time] is now as [byc_pickup_date] and [byc_pickup_time] respectively. Please check plugin settings page and update accordingly.

1) Deprecated hook “woocommerce_order_items_table” (applied from WooCommerce version 3.0.0) is now replaced with “woocommerce_order_details_after_order_table_items”.

2) Undefined index notice appear on some server – fixed it in this version.

1) Widget issue fixed (Select date first alert box was appearing in version widget)

2) Automated shipping selection fixed(existing customers issue), previously existing customers need to change zip code again on checkout page to make automated shipping selection effected.

3) New time format added (previously there was only one variation of 24 hours format and appeared as hh:mm:ss, now new option added as 24 hours(without seconds) that will appear as hh:mm )

1) Same date past time issue fixed for languages other than English

2) Translation files added for Spanish, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Danish and French

1) Edge/IE browser support increased

2) ODT widget moved at top of checkout page

3) Optimized to work with old PHP version

4) ODT widget visually customized

5) Rectification of minor bugs on previous version those were reported by users of this plugin

1) Translator option added for Take Away and Delivery.

2) Translator options added for select time and select date input box place holder texts.

3) Order meta fetch process updated as per WooCommerce 3.0 standard.

4) Bug fixing – widget activated on other pages (date, time was not working on checkout page).

1) Calendar issue fixed in case of pre-order days settings field leaved as empty

2) Possible error for new/next year date selection has been fixed

1) Delivery time for other than current day bug fixed

2) structure updated

Header output warning fixed

Restricted of selection past time of the day in time drop-down on widget and checkout page

1) Language support added

2) Settings provided for customization of heading, labels and texts.

Fixed: Make automated shipping selection work on checkout page without having to have the widget

Fixed: Warning: Cannot modify header information


1) Date picker and time drop-down added on checkout field too, so update to avoid manual/invalid date/time input on checkout page(Previously it was only on widget)

2) Some text changed