NM Gift Registry and Wishlist – Crowdfunding


This crowdfunding extension for the NM Gift Registry and Wishlist plugin allows item added to wishlists or gift registries to be crowdfunded.

Free version features:

  • Allow items in a wishlist or gift registry to be crowdfunded.
  • Set a minimum contribution amount for each crowdfunded item in the wishlist.
  • Allows the ability to refund customers their crowdfund contributions.
  • Progress bar to view crowdfund status of wishlist items in a graphical form.
  • Multiple flexible ways for the wishlist owner to fulfil his crowdfunding campaign according to the store manager’s setup.

Pro version features:

  • View detailed information on all crowdfund contributions for each wishlist.
  • View detailed information on all free contributions fro each wishlist.
  • Allow the money received for specific crowdfunded items to be moved around the wishlist and used to fund other crowdfunded items in the wishlist.
  • Wishlists can receive free contributions from customers that can be used to fund purchases of wishlist items.
  • Allows the creation of coupons to be used specifically for items in a wishlist.
  • Provides a wallet for managing funds received for the wishlist.
  • View log of all transactions carried out in the wallet.
  • Send emails to wishlist owner when items have been crowdfunded in the wishlist.


This plugin requires the NM Gift Registry and Wishlist plugin to be installed and activated for it to work. Simply install and activate and start making items in your wishlist crowdfunded.


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Contributors & Developers

“NM Gift Registry and Wishlist – Crowdfunding” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.




  • Fix – E_PARSE error during plugin activation.


  • Fix – Bug causing crowdfunded items and free contributions to be added to the cart as items from a separate wishlist.
  • Improvement – General plugin code.


  • Fix – minor bugs


  • Dev – Replaced deprecated hooks to be compatible with NM Gift Registry and Wishlist 2.4.
  • Feature – Compatible with grid view on wishlist items template.


  • IMPORTANT – Changed update server url from nmgiftregistry.com to nmerimedia.com.


  • Fix – Fatal error getting free contributions reference when wishlist doesn’t exist.


  • Fix – ‘View wallet’ button now shows on items table for normal wishlist items.
  • Dev – Deprecated multiple functions.
  • Dev – Improved api for managing crowdfund and free contributions modules.
  • Tweak – Crowdfunded items which have contributions cannot be uncrowdfunded and normal items which have purchases cannot be crowdfunded.
  • Dev – Replaced ‘nmgrcf_credited_to_wallet’ and ‘nmgrcf_debited_to_wallet’ string meta_keys with ‘nmgrcf_credits_to_wallet’ and ‘nmgrcf_debits_from_wallet’ array keys respectively.


  • Fix – Bug showing crowdfunding fulfilled icon on “transfer” button when no crowdfunded item is in the wishlist.
  • Fix – Bug preventing wallet transfer information section from showing on items table when transfer button is clicked.
  • Fix – Wallet transfer information section on items table shows relevant information.


  • Feature – Created wallet log to enable viewing of wallet-related events.
  • Feature – Enable free contributions to fund normal wishlist items via the wallet.
  • Feature – Allow the registry owner to switch one purchased product with another one via the wallet.
  • Tweak – Free and crowdfund contributions are added to the cart without tax.


  • Fix – Crowdfunds and free contributions templates don’t show properly for new wishlists.


  • Feature – Added shortcodes for displaying crowdfunds and free contributions templates.


  • Dev – Added ability for wishlist owners to create coupons on the frontend.


  • Improvement – Coupons from wallet can be created from any amount in wallet.
  • Feature – Wishlist owner can enable free contributions from frontend.
  • Tweak – Free contributions are enabled for all wishlists by default except explicitly disabled.


  • Dev – create/delete coupon functions not connected to wishlist items table.
  • Design – Set default placeholder svg icon for free contributions template.
  • Feature – Email wishlist owner when a free contribution has been made.
  • Feature – Email wishlist owner when a free contribution has been refunded.
  • Design – Show images for cart items and order items for crowdfund and free contributions.


  • Fix – Error preventing product from adding to wishlist when crowdfunding is enabled.
  • Fix – Ability to properly switch on/off crowdfunding and free contributions modules.
  • Tweak – Remove wishlist shipping notice on cart page for free contributions and crowdfunds.
  • Fix – php warning when search for crowdfund plugin template in nm_gift_registry templates folder.


  • Dev – changed ‘nmgr’ prefix in actions and filter names to ‘nmgrcf’.
  • Fix – Error in displaying free contributions template when no wishlist id exists.
  • Fix – Renamed email templates to reflect new api.


  • Tweak – Replaced all variation of the text “donation” with “contribution”
  • Improvement – Changed api for making wishlist items crowdfunded.
  • Improvement – Crowdfunded products can be added to the cart via http request.
  • Feature – Added ability to add free contributions to wishlist.


  • Fix – Crowdfund account template now refreshes when wishlist is created.