Print-O-Matic adds the ability to print any post, page or page element by using a simple [print-me] shortcode. A complete listing of shortcode options are available, as well as free community support.


  • See the printer icon? Guess what happens when it's clicked?
  • Print-O-Matic Options screen for Ultimate Flexibility


  1. Old-school: upload the print-o-matic folder to the /wp-content/plug-ins/ directory via FTP. Hipster: Ironically add Print-O-Matic via the WordPress Plug-ins menu.
  2. Activate the Plug-in
  3. Add a the shortcode to your post like so: [print-me target="div#id_of_element_to_print" title="Print Form"]
  4. Test that the this plug-in meets your demanding needs.
  5. Tweak the CSS to match your flavor.
  6. Rate the plug-in and verify if it works at
  7. Leave a comment regarding bugs, feature request, cocktail recipes at


Where can I fork this plugin and contribute changes?


I am a Social Netwookiee, might Twinpictures have a Facebook page?

Yes, yes… Twinpictures is on Facebook.

Does Twinpictures do the Twitter?

Ah yes! @Twinpictures does the twitter tweeting around here.

How does one use the shortcode, exactly?

A complete listing of shortcode options has been provided to answer this exact question.

Where can I translate this plugin into my favorite language?

Use the Community translation for Print-O-Matic at WordPress

Who likes to rock the party?

We like to rock the party.


22 de noviembre, 2021
Print-O-Matic is a great plugin with some of the best customer service I've ever experienced. I currently use the free version, but their customer service was still top notch! I use Print-O-Matic to allow users the option to print (or save to PDF) their learning paths (list of courses). The plugin let me specify what to exclude from the document. With my limited CSS knowledge, and some help from their customer support, I was able to make the document look better and be more functional for the user. I highly recommend Print-O-Matic. Thank you Twinpictures for the great plugin!
14 de noviembre, 2021
This plugin is a gem. Easy to use and to customise. The support is top level even for Free version of the plugin. They answered on Sunday to help me solve the issue I got. I can't recommend it enough. Thank you guys.
30 de octubre, 2021
I added this plugin and had it working pretty quickly. I had some struggles with the printing working correctly on an iPhone, but I opened a ticket and got a quick and very acceptable solution. Works like a charm. Highly recommended.
11 de octubre, 2021
Could almost use this plugin without instruction. I did need help with customising the printout to pdf and support was fast and accurate in response. Matter resolved in less than 1 hour. Highly recommend as a plugin for your WordPress printing needs. 5/5
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  • improved method of passing default and print-trigger specific data to js script using wp_add_inline_script
  • added line numbers back to CodeMirror, with admin css


  • custom html settings in the plugin options also use CodeMirror
  • no longer escaping print css before being passed to wp_add_inline_style
  • removed line numbers from CodeMirror elements
  • fixed issue with only first element being printed


  • added back code to printomat.js


  • prevent default on print triggers
  • rolled back tested tag to 5.8.1 as only RC1 versions are apparently accepted
  • more escaping for security
  • tightened up the code a bit
  • custom css sections of plugin options page now use CodeMirror
  • improved method of adding custom css using wp_add_inline_style


  • updated link to documentation
  • textarea input fields now escaped using esc_textarea() on plugin options page


  • targets are validated before print
  • field values in the plugin options page are now escaped using esc_attr()



  • complete re-write using new print-elements method by @szepeshazi
  • fully tested with WordPress 5.8.1


  • Fully tested with WordPress 5.2.1
  • print window opens in new tab
  • uses wp_localize to pass variables to script
  • added option to include print-me scripts in admin dashboard
  • added’s Edge fix


  • Fully tested with WordPress 5.1
  • Fixed typos


  • Fully tested with WordPress 4.9.1
  • Added default print title
  • IE bug fix: select elements now print selected values


  • Fully tested with WordPress 4.8


  • Safari on iOS will now rendering print preview correctly when close after print is used
  • fixed link to twinpictures author website


  • tested with WordPress 4.7.3
  • replaced http links with https


  • top and bottom print page html now use do_shortcode instead of the_content filter to avoid conflicts with social sharing plugins
  • fixed error of extra character in the title tag.


  • added missing alt tag
  • fully tested with WordPress 4.6


  • added missing alt tag
  • reworked script to build new window more efficiently
  • working (not fully resolved) on Edge. Some issues will are related to a bug in Edge.


  • top and bottom html will process shortcakes
  • work around to clone IE element values that don’t have ID attributes… ugh
  • added option to close the print window after print dialogue box is closed
  • work around IE syntax errors when NO form elements are present… double ugh


  • added IE hack to fill in missing input text values for IE browsers.


  • checks for older IE MSIE, IE 11 Trident & IE 12 Edge properly


  • checks for IE (MSIE, Trident & Edge)
  • plugin fully tested with WordPress 4.5
  • added external printstyle for external triggers
  • print window no longer auto-closes
  • removed language files in favour of WordPress Language Packs


  • plugin fully tested with WordPress 4.4.0


  • adjusted method of determining if the print_data object exists and has property
  • adjusted the language domain to work with WordPress’ new language translation system


  • addressed move lovely IE issues
  • mega hack-o-riffic workaround for IE input text elements loosing user input values


  • fixed bug with title not passing target correctly when displaying both icon and title


  • fixed issue with printstyle default value not saving
  • deactivating plugin no longer clears all settings


  • corrected typo in printstyle attribute


  • added tag and class attributes
  • target now passed using data attribute rather than hidden input field


  • added pause_before_print attribute and option to manually pause the print dialogue box to let the page fully load.


  • typo correction
  • replaced redundant inline scripts with smarter print_data js object placed in footer
  • added icons for WordPress 4.0


  • Added some Internet Explorer workarounds
  • Added optional jQuery clone.fix to address issues with cloning textarea elements
  • Added %prev% and %next% target placeholders to print elements immediately preceding or following the print button
  • Added 3 second delay if iframe is detected in print page
  • Added Russian language translation


  • load scripts option now defaults to always
  • improvements for roll-your-own print-o-matic elements
  • added german and hungarian translations


  • works also in IE 11
  • print command now waits for page to fully load
  • added option to load scrips only on pages where shortcode is used


  • fixed bug with do_not_print
  • added alt attribute
  • works again in horrid IE browsers


  • added the do_not_print attribute


  • added print page top and bottom HTML section (special thanks to Daniel Kevin Johansen @ &
  • added option to select alternate print icons
  • can now show icon, text and icon & text print button
  • form values now include radio and checkbox selections
  • removed php4 constructors
  • added I18n localization support
  • fixed printicon attribute bug in shortcode
  • added custom css for display page as well as print page


  • target may now use %ID% as a placeholder for the post ID


  • Fixed so the print dialog box will display in IE (buggy, buggy IE)


  • Added Printicon Attribute to insert text-only print link


  • Added Options page with default target attribute and css style settings


  • Removed space from title of new window to prevent the wonderful IE8 from throwing errors.


  • The plug-in was forked and completely rewritten from Print Button Shortcode by MyWebsiteAdvisor.