This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. It may no longer be maintained or supported and may have compatibility issues when used with more recent versions of WordPress.

WP Zombaio


This Plugin allows Site Admins to easily configure and use the Adult Payment Gateway Zombaio for use with WordPress. In a more Secure and WordPress-y way that the existing recommended script.

Two ShortCodes help to make joining the site and displaying the Zombaio Site seal as easy as possible.
As well as logging transmitted data from Zombaio as a Custom Post Type.

Currently only User Add, User Delete and User Rebill are Processed.
But all data is logged.

In the future, Credit Purchase will be supported.

When a user delete/cancel occurs, the admin can choose whether the User is deleted from WordPress or just suspended from being able to login.

This plugin works with “Anyone can register” disabled, stopping users signing up without using a Zombaio based Join Form.

Built in Splash Page/redirection allows you to redirect logged out users to a WordPress Page of your Choosing, thus protecting your content from non members, as well as giving you the ability to warn users about the site content, or create a suitable “Join my Site” page. You can also choose pages that are unlocked/open to all users. For tours etc.

See Other Notes for Usage/Instructions


For Extra help/support or otherwise, either use the WordPress Support Forum, or Drop Me a Line

You can also reach out to us on Twitter!

Whats Coming Soon

  • Credit Purchase and Spending there of
  • Flexible Protection
  • Suspend a User Manually


With the block enabled, only the landing page is accessable, and users are forced to login or register.

You can run with Anyone can Register turned off, which means users can only use your Landing page, or the Zombaio Join Form/Widget to Register.

You can refer to the in plugin guide, which contains lots of setup information, settings notes and advice.

The Plugin provides three Shortcodes which are also available as Sidebar Widgets.

The first being the Zombaio Site Seal, which you can enter in the settings and then quickly add it where needed.


ShortCode Arguments

  • align – save you having to wrap it in a div, you can use left, center or right to control page placement

The second being, the Join Form.


ShortCode Arguments

  • join_url – the Zombaio Join URL for the relevant subscription
  • submit – the text to use on the Submit button
  • align – save you having to wrap it in a div, you can use left, center or right to control page placement
  • buttonalign – save you having to wrap it in a div, you can use left, center or right to button placement
  • width – the Form Width, just a number

ShortCode Content

The shortcode content is added to the form beneath the password field and the join button.

The third and final item is, a Login Form.


Renders a login form, also available as a Widget


  • The ShortCodes and Widgets in Action
  • Activating the Plugin
  • Wizard Step 1
  • Wizard Step 2
  • Wizard Step 3
  • The Settings Page in Full
  • WP Widgets Page
  • Logs Interface
  • Page Edit – making a page public


  1. Download the Plugin from Extend
  2. Unzip the Zip File
  3. Upload wp-zombaio folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  4. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  5. Use the Wizard to quicky run thru the setup and get everything going
  6. Add the SideBar widget, or use the ShortCode to add a Join Site form.


Do I need the ZScript script?

No, this is a replacement for the downloadable ZScript and the “Standard” Zombaio .htaccess/.htpasswd Protection. Existing ZScript protection should be removed

What Details do I need for this Plugin?

Just the ZombaioGWPass (aka Digest Key) and your SiteID.
SiteID’s are specific to each Site/URL you add to the ZOA Website Manager.

We do not need your Account User name/login or Password.

What settings do I need in Zombaio ZOA

If you follow the Wizard inside the plugin it will guide you thru the setup and settings to use.

What about the Zombaio Seal Code?

We provide a shortcode and widget to display the Seal on your website, and instructions on where to obtain your code.

I need help!

Either use the WordPress Support Forum, or Drop Me a Line


8 de noviembre, 2016
Took a little tinkering to get it working and fully understanding how it works, but once it’s setup your good to go. This is a very fine method for using Zombaio with wordpress. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars because I feel it could use a few updates/expansions that were addressed in the support section over a year ago but haven’t been implemented. Mainly giving access to RSS feed page and category pages. Wouldn’t have been able to create my site without it because I knew I wanted to use wordpress and don’t know enough programming to get my theme working the way I wanted without it. Kudos Barry! PS – I found a solution!!!! To get the RSS feed and category pages to display without being redirected I added the following code in the wp_zombaio.php starting around line 1284 file right before: else { $redirect = true; } I added the lines: else if (is_feed() || is_category()) { if (get_the_ID() != $target) { $redirect = false; } } Now that section of code looks like: // valid target? if ($target) { // dev hook is page excluded? if (is_home() && !$this->options->redirect_home_page) { $target = false; } else if (is_singular() || is_single() || is_page()) { $meta = get_post_meta(get_the_ID(), 'wp_zombaio_redirect_disable', true); if ($meta == '1') { $target = false; } } if ($target) { if ($target === true) { $redirect = true; } else if (is_singular() || is_single() || is_page()) { if (get_the_ID() != $target) { $redirect = true; } } else if (is_feed() || is_category()) { if (get_the_ID() != $target) { $redirect = false; } } else { $redirect = true; } if ($redirect) { header('Location: ' . $target_url); exit; } } } If you need to allow access to certain categories and not others, you should be able to use the WP syntax for conditional tags found here:
8 de febrero, 2017
Honestly, the plugin is okay at best but Zombaio’s service is horrible and please do yourself a favor by going to someone else and spend the $1000 on Visa and MC fees. Zombaio is 5 months behind on payouts and is very difficult to contact nor do they respond promptly if at all. Their USA addresses listed on their official site are FAKE and they DO NOT HAVE ANY USA OFFICES!!! The same guy named Jesper appears to be the only guy who works for Zombaio. Anytime he doesn’t work, they become closed because its a religious holiday. Please do not take my word for this and do 5 minutes of research to verify they are bullshit. Do a reverse address search on their listed address in Mountain View, CA. It is a Regus building. Call the Regus office and they will tell you they have no one listed under their name or their mother companies name. The suite number listed is the Regus office and has never been used for anything else. Their New York address is a condemned apartment. Their real office is apparently in Sweden. Anyways, back out now if you can and go with anyone else other than Zombaio. They owe lots of people thousands of dollars!! A simple “problems with zombaio” search on google should also provide enough links stating the same. Zombaio also sent me this email and said they would be caught up by July. They have not. Zombaio Settlements – Date: 2014-05-23 Dear Zombaio Client, As I am sure you have noticed, we have been experiencing more problems than usual in paying out on time recently and many people have speculated (as they have done for years) that we are on the verge of going out of business. Whilst we understand that many of you have lost money when other processors have gone out of business in the past, and that you understandably get nervous when payments are late, we want to assure you that our problems are temporary and a knock on effect of issues our main acquirer had with their USD settlement and exchange bank which meant that their settlements to us were quite significantly delayed. We tried to keep things going as best as we could from our reserves during this period, but this caught us a little unaware, and it has taken time for us to straighten things out which I am pleased to say that we now have and we should be able to bring everybody”s settlements fully up to date during the course of next months. We will however need to make changes ongoing if we are to avoid falling back in this hole. When we first came to the market we tried to give both the best rates and the fastest payouts and we now know that unless you have a much greater share of the market than we do, and a faster settlement than our acquirers are able to give us, this is quite an impossible model to sustain. Consequently, we have decided to stop trying to be the cheapest AND the fastest and concentrate on being a reliable low cost processor which of course means we need to change our terms of business. Rather than just giving people the choice of accepting our new terms or finding a new processor, we have decided to come up with 3 different pricing/settlement models that we are confident we can deliver ongoing and that we hope at least one of which is workable for your business. The choices are as follows: 1. Monthly – settlement around 20th of the month for previous months transactions. 1.2% decrease in our normal fees and usual 5% rolling reserve. 2. Bi-Weekly settlement periods. Paid out around 20 days after period end. We will continue to offer existing rates and usual 5% rolling reserve. 3. Weekly settlements. Paid out around 20 days after period end. Normal rates increased by 3.5% and rolling reserve increased to 10% All of these options will continue to free of any annual card fees and it is our intention to switch to these new terms on 1st June. Your account will by default be changed to the monthly payouts option with your processing rate automatically reduced by 1.2% but if you prefer to change to the bi-weekly payouts option at your existing rates or our weekly payouts option at the premium rate with the increase in reserve, all you have to do is logon to ZOA after 1st June and make the switch in “change banking details”. I very much regret that we have to make these changes, but I feel that going forward, it is important that you can count on Zombaio the way you used to be able to in the past. Our interest in this business is long term, and whilst I accept that we have made mistakes in the past, a lot of these have come from us trying to improve the service that we offer. We were the first processor to offer settlement to a prepaid card, and we were the first to offer EU payment by ACH. It has not been without problems of course, but we will keep working on these things until the problems disappear. In addition, we will shortly be adding some exciting new payment options for your customers. These include SEPA Debit, SOFORT banking and BitCoin. For CAM sites we will add a new API for card on file debits which we have been testing with very good results during the last few months. We will continue to try new ideas, but in the future, we will try to do so without impacting on the efficiency of our core operation. We really are sorry for any inconvenience and stress our unreliability recently has caused especially if you have reached out to Support or to me personally and not received the answer or action that you were looking for. I hope that you now understand a little better our situation and will give us a chance to earn back your trust over the coming months. If anything in this email is not clear or if you have any questions or comments, please let us know. Best regards, Tomas Anderson VP, Zombaio LLC Message sent from Zombaio Notification Center – Please do not reply!
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Contributors & Developers

“WP Zombaio” is open source software. The following people have contributed to this plugin.


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Interested in development?

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  • Fix a bug involving User Suspension/Deletion (reported by Jose Angel)


  • At the request of Sam Rockhard owner of New Market Media, added the ability to unlock pages
  • Adds a option to the Admin Settings Page to enable/disable redirect off the home page
  • Changes the pick a page to redirect to, to the better interface
  • Adds a Meta Box to the post/page editor to make that post/page public (no need to set this on the target page)
  • You an unlock a page/post by editing it and set “Allow access to All” to Yes
  • Tested with 3.6 all seems good


  • Tweaks to the Validate ZScript Code
  • Actually fixed IPN IP Verfication so it actually works
  • Accept and log chargebacks and declined messages
  • New/improved logging interface
  • Added the Guide
  • Added notes on Caching Plugins and CloudFlare
  • Improved the interface and layout (somewhat looks a little like Zombaios ZOA interface)
  • Internationaslised the plugin/added translation support
  • Added a Login Widget
  • Added Login block, and the abilty to redirect users to a “Landing Page”, default is the WP Login Page.
  • [zombaio_join] shortcode supports additional arguments:
  • align – form placement – choices: left center right
  • buttonalign – button placement – choices: left center right
  • width – form width
  • [zombaio_seal] shortcode supports additiona arguments:
  • align – placement – choices: left center right
  • Added Shortcode [zombaio_login] renders a basic Login Form, its also a Widget


  • Prettification (logo/icon)
  • Added a Notice/warning when Anyone can Register is enabled.
  • Fix a UI glitch when the sidebar and/or one or more forms are on a screen
  • Stop Passwords being double hashed (and confusing users at login) as the selected Password won’t work


  • Initial Release