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Por Bryan Hadaway

Versión: 1.0.2

Última actualización: agosto 23, 2021

Active Installations: 90+

WordPress Version: 5.0 or higher

PHP Version: 7.0 or higher

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A theme for publishers like magazines, blogs, and other content sites. I've been both a writer and an editor for over a decade now and have put together all the very best custom sanity controls that I've created over the years for managing a team of writers into one organized place. To greatly enhance the features of this theme, it is highly recommended that you install the companion plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/publishers/). Also, it would be a good idea to review the readme.txt (https://wp-themes.com/wp-content/themes/publishers/readme.txt). I'll be here if you need me (bhadaway@gmail.com).


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